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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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now new york's number news, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> developing tonight, two of the u.s. olympic swimmers caught in a bizarre scandal in brazil are right now on a flight home. and the attorney for ryan lochte weighs in on the charges they could face. a raging fire destroyed
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broke out. firefighters finally have it under control. >> reporter: under control and still a mess down here. take a look. firefighters still putting out hot spots. everyone on the street is without power. and it left more than 40 people homeless. flames devouring her home, a woman runs to safety just as the fire department arrived tonight. before long, they were on the move, charging in building as power cables above them arced from the racing fire. the flames leaping from one wooden home to the next. it seemed a miracle that the flames didn't spread even further. >> it's hot and scary. >> jonathan took this cell phone video.
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and it takes a little time to get downstairs, all the way to the 3rd floor. and the fire was really hot. >> all of the residents got out safely but it was a scramble. >> we were in the house and one of my cousins shouted fire. and a lot of people screaming and stuff like that. >> extreme radiant heat in the streets. safe from the flames, families comforted one another. many of them have young children and they are all homeless tonight. the red cross is here to find them temporary homes. the smoke was so thick that you could barely see the firemen working above. >> it was burning the whole block. >> reporter: we're back live now at staten island. they are trying to restore the
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the neighborhood. everyone on the street is without power. 19 firefighters suffered from smoke inhalation or heat exhaustion. and two residents were also hurt and one of them is in serious condition. nobody killed in this fire. again, more than 40 people left homeless. reporting live from staten island. jim dolan, eyewitness news. an apology to brazil momentsing a from the u.s. unacceptable behavior of four olympic swimmers. they could face charges for making up a story about getting held up at gunpoint. two of the swimmers are now on a plane home. >> the twists just keep ongoing in the olympic soap opera. according to the rio civil
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lochte is standing by his story. the rio police chief announced the initial claim of an armed robbery by lochte -- was fabricated. and they were accused of causing trouble at the gas station, vandalizing a bathroom, damaging mirrors before getting into a confrontation. four americans and the swimmers paid for the damages before returning to the athletes village. lochte maintains he was robbed. guns were pointed at them and they were forced to give up their money. the swimmers were robbed by people with a gun. robbery is the united states olympic committee released a statement
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swimmers is not acceptable and apologized to the real host as well as the people of brazil. as for the swimmers, two are on their way back. and the 4th is revising his statement. we continue to stay on top of any developments in this investigation. and you can keep up on our app. a transgender woman struck head with a hammer while walking down a queens sidewalk. the 28-year-old was struck as she walked on 67th street in wood side yesterday morning. a man came up and screamed this is what you get for being gay. she was treated for serious injuries and released from the hospital. first they were forced out
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>> someone stole money and electronics from six apartments. six people had to be rescued after being trapped by the flames. investigators say the fire was caused by overloaded extension cords and outlets. >> we know the identities of the victims killed by a house fire. they died yesterday following tuesday night's fire. their pictures are posted on a other residents in the three story home jumped from windows to escape the flames. hillary clinton told the fbi that a private e-mail account by one of her secretary of state predecessors, general colin powell. a source says the information was in the fbi interview documents handed over to congress.
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today meeting with police chiefs. trump coming this close to making an apology, something he tries to avoid. in north carolina, using a teleprompter, sticking to prepared remarks and saying he has regrets over things he's said. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multiple of issues, you don't choose the right words or you i have done that, and believe it or not. i regret it. particularly where it may have caused personal pain. >> a rare trump. and meanwhile the clinton camp is quick to say that it appeared as if he was in a hostage video. a new management team is
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trip for trump. 13 have died from the flooding. president obama has been criticized for staying on vacation instead of traveling to louisiana. louisiana's governor john bel edwards says he has spoken daily to the white house. >> meteorologist -- with the accuweather forecast. we'll start with a few clouds 86 this afternoon. and tonight temperatures will tumble into the mid-70s and we get a big head start with lots of sunshine. and we'll shoot into the upper 80s, likely hitting 90 in some spots. the beginning of some hot stuff headed through saturday. and then big changes on the way. we'll talk about the changes plus the chances for showers in the accuweather 7-day forecast.
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in the family pool. that confession from dennis cullen who sitting in jail on $8 million bond. the 23-year-old argued with his mom because he wasn't taking his medication for paranoid schizophrenia. he put her in a head lock and theandricked her to the deep end. new york city police commissioner making it clear that there are no suspects and police are not close to an of a murdered jogger in queens. this despite the parents of the 30-year-old saying there are a number of strong leads and the an arrest could be days away. her father is pleading with a female relative who he thinks knows something. >> she is in great distress and we know she wants to make that
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the call. >> it's been 16 days since their daughter was strangled and sexually assaulted. firefighters struggling to contain a ferocious wildfire. the wildfire is 22% contained. sweeping into the mountains and high desert 60 miles east of l.a. veteran firefighters were caught off guard by the intensity. emergency evacuations are of homes. a quick thinking clerk trapped armed robbers as they try to get away. but the attempt was a little for not because police took too long to show up. and a terrifying kidnapping
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caught on video, a quick thinking store clerk in new jersey tries to outsmart some robbers by lowering a metal security gate. the response by cops took a while. th out and get away. >> and wait until you hear why the cops took so long to get there. >> reporter: there were several security cameras but that wasn't enough to deter this crime. >> looks like something that will make the rounds on late night tv. two armed robbers easily
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or something. he showed me the gun. >> he was working at the store on 10th avenue and patterson. the men barged in demanding money and cellular phones. we don't have no galaxy phone. >> the men looted the store. and torres took advantage. he snuck out the back door, locked it. ran to the front of the security gate. a crowd gathered outside, some calling 911. others watching the show unfold, most laughed and made fun of the men. they were trapped in the store for more than 20 minutes, eventually finding tools to pry themselves out, leaving everything behind. some question why it took so long for the police to arrive saying the hard part of the job was already done. >> reporter: internal affairs
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whether this was human error or misinformation. reporting in patterson, channel 7 eyewitness news. chicago's top cop recommending tonight that seven of his police officers be fired over the deadly shooting of a black teenager. in a statement, the superintendent eddie johnson said documents and other evidence proves they filed a false report about the shooting of laquan mcdonald in 2014. one officer is accused of shooting the teen 16 times. new video of a bizarre and brazen kidnapping attempt. he picks up a small boy and flings him over his shoulder. they thought it was an employee trying to play with the kid. the dad confronts the bad guy who handed the child back and
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the woods behind the store. and anti-trump protesters erecting a naked statue of donald trump. the stern faced statue shows his hands folded over his belly. they removed the statue by breaking it at the ankles. a home surveillance camera caught something scary. unloading a car and the bolt of electricity hit. his children and wife are there as he fell to the ground. she dragged his body to safety. no serious injuries. the accuweather forecast tonight. a few clouds decorating the sky. let's check the numbers in the
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the rise. and 66% humidity. and here are the headlines, it's going to be tomorrow. the humidity increases the most on saturday. and then we have a thunder threat to close the weekend. while temperatures were on the warm side today, we'll add a handful of degrees to the numbers. clearly some areas will hit the 90-degree mark. right now we're cooling off to the low to mid-70s. by the way, showers did come through, leaving behind a few hundredths of an inch to a tenth of an inch in some spots. the showers lost their punch, and south jersey you could get a shower before all is said and done. this line of showers could produce a little bit of light rain. future cast starting with a lot of sunshine. and for the afternoon, it's a
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and it goes to mostly cloudy by the afternoon. and a lot of humidity in the air as well on saturday. by sunday we wait for the showers that come in from the west. and that should give us a good soaking on sunday night. and thunderstorms are possible. if you're headed to the catskills, the jersey shore, the hamptons, things are looking pretty good. 81 for the hamptons. and on sunday, late afternoon to the weekend with a threat for storms. the forecast for tomorrow, southeast winds 5 to 10. 2feet waves. and there's a low rip current risk heading into the weekend. if you're heading to the beach, a real decent day. tomorrow our temperatures push into the upper 80s. this is warm and muggy and what we're forecasting for the city.
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up. expect it to be hotter. not necessarily extreme humidity but hotter than it was today with direct sunlight. tomorrow we see the transition to saturday. adding a little humidity. for sunday we cool off and wait for the cool front to come in. once the front is through on monday, refreshing air mass coming in and very nice weather. comfortable weather. monday afternoon, tuesday, and of sunshine and temperatures so easy to take. muggies are back by thursday. a better than average week for us. things look nice and hot. and then we cool off midweek and maybe get an ac break. >> muggies not for a week -- we'll take it. twitters' war on terror.
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stop recruiting and propaganda
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twitter tonight stepping up the war against terrorism in a blog posted against the social media company.
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accounts for promoting terrorism. twitter suspended 360,000 accounts the middle of last year. twitter has been criticized for not doing enough to stop groups like isis. a new study finding a possible link between obesity and premature aging of the brain. researchers found overweight or obese middle age people have brains that resemble of people 10 years older. scientists are not sure what it means but are planning more studies. costa rica topping the index for happiest place to live. the central american country is at the top for the third time. they lead relatively long and satisfying lives without
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before we get to the latest on loch ness, we have new news about the meth mess. >> and hash tag if people don't know what that is -- hash tack meth mess. >> no one could have been happier than the mets. four games now out of the final wildcard spot. madison balm garner in the first. and jacob de-grand can match that. and both of them keeping it scoreless and moments ago. the mets breaking through big time. justin refuge yaw know, a grand slam. and right now it's 4-0 mets in
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scandal will be back on american soil. that leaves behind jimmy fatiguen and a lot of questions. and the americans fabricated the story that they were robbed at gunpoint, the brazilian police say. they vandalized the bathroom drawer their weapons. the women's basketball team is one game away from a medal. and usain bolt makes it look easy tonight winning the 200 meters for the third olympics in a row. and ashton eaton maintains his title as the best athlete in the world, winning the rigorous event and setting an olympic
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the women's relay. in the semi-full-times got bumped and dropped the baton. that i appealed the incident and were allowed to rerun the semi by themselves. but it was a good enough time to advance to the final. he was unable to practice with the giants. and josh brown will not be for after being suspended one game stemming from a domestic violence incident. >> my teammates have known since the day it happened. everyone has known and been a part of it. guys from around the league, ex- coaches. >> the jets are in washington and will return to preseason action.
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be considered for a roster >> everything they're feeling and whatever spot they're in, i've been in it more than once in my career. got to take advantage of the opportunities. >> words to live by.
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that's the news for now. >> thanks so much for watching.
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more >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- danny mcbride. from "disney's pete's dragon," bryce dallas howard. matt damon and jimmy go to therapy. and music from prophets of rage. with cleto and the cletones. and now, stay right where you ? >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. thank you. for braving the blistering heat


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